Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer

is a simple in-office test that converts easily obtained electrical measurements into information about the patient`s body composition and fluid distribution.

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Quantitative Fluid Analysis

Quantitative Fluid Analysis measures 3 parameters in urine, saliva and blood :

PH ; a measure of acidity and alkalinity
RH2: a measure of oxydation and reduction (redox)
R: a measure of mineralization and congestion (resistivity)

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Core Wellness

a new and innovative technology that eliminates the fat,  toxins and lymphatic congestion that has accumulated in your body over years of harmful exposure.

Core Wellness machine

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Eng3 - NanoVi Pro

The ultimate innovation for athletes and anybody seeking  optimal performance and health. Using NanoVi technology gives significant benefits including faster recovery , stronger immune system,increased energy , better focus and concentration, and fewer opportunistic and disruptive illnesses.

Eng3activated air machine

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The consultations in naturopathy aim at the improvement of the physiology and the biochemistry by raising the constituents of the biological ground. Recommendations are not aimed at curing some disease, no diagnosis is established.

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First Line Therapy

Customized multi-mineral and vitamin programme with individual dietary adjustments.

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Functional tests