BIA Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer

is a quick , accurate and non-invasive   method of evaluating personal overall health status. BIA measures resistance and reactance and computes fat-free mass, body cell mass, total body water and intracellular water. Analysis of body composition over time in the adult may then provide for an indirect marker of inflammation –related disorders associated with increased body fat and reduced body protein stored in muscle and organs. BIA is clinically useful for demonstrating sarcopenic obesity in women at normal body mass indices.  The device is widely used amongs athletes to verify their muscle mass and fat %  , and is extremely useful while following people fighting obesity.  The shift of intracellular water is the first sign of health deterioration.

            Among celebrities, Lance Armstrong was monitored with the BIA during his preparation for the Tour de France. His phase angle of 12 is the highest ever measured. Cellular health tends to be strictly correlated to a person`s phase angle measured among others by BIA.

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