Office Hours 2017

The office is open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only

The reception desk is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Take note that there will be no phone call return during days when the reception desk is closed. We will return your call the following Monday.

Politics of Treatment in Naturopathy

The treatment in naturopathy is not a diagnosis.
It aims at restoring the balance of the body

Politics of Follow-ups and Appointments

The appointments are booked in advance
Since the demand is important and the patient is assured of the day and time that is convenient, we will confirm your appointment 48 hours in advance.  Consequently, 48 hours is requested on your part in order to cancel your appointment.  If this delay is not respected, the full consultation fee will be charged. 
The missed appointments are taken back at a later date

Consultation Fee Politics

The first appointment is of  duration of 90 minutes and in the amount of C$180 (taxes included).
The following appointment is of duration of 60 minutes and in the amount of C$120 (taxes included).

Consultations are payable in cash or by cheque on the day of the appointment

Supplements are non refundable
An official insurance receipt will be given for every consultation.

The questionnaires to fill up before your first consultation:

Fiche ID (1)Historique de sante (1)

Mariola Czezyk-Livernoche,  ND.A.

Phone:  (514) 381-6756