QFA: Quantitative Fluid Analysis

measures saliva and urine for:

PH: a measure of acidity and alkalinity, shows filtering capacity of kidneys, metabolic disturbances (metabolic acidosis and meta- bolic alkalosis) . Too acidic or basic – enzymes won`t work right for proper digestion Too acidic saliva and urine – acidosis due to poor digestion Kidney stress – acid saliva but alkaline urine Hormones will work in an optimal way only in the correct pH range

rH2 (redox) : marker of energy production and digestion.
(oxydation/reduction capacity) In case of high oxidant level – fewer electrons are available for the energy production.Possible heavy metal contamination. High oxidation level is strictly correlated with aging.

r (resistivity): marker of mineralization and congestion. An excellent way to verify the lymphatic stagnation and poor absorption of minerals. The greatest effect on resistivity have the following electrolytes: potassium, sodium and chloride.

The three markers of pH, rH2 and r are of great value for an evaluation of an inner millieu of a person . Regular verification of these parameters should accompany any treatment.

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