The conflict between students and the government seen from a different perspective.

Democracy is being acknowledged universally as the superior form of government. Around the globe, there is rising call for freedom. Democracy recognizes the divine right of the ruled rather than the ruler. It is not a right by virtue of title, wealth or military superiority, but instead it defines principles intrinsic to human life itself: liberty and pursuit of happiness. Unfortunatelly, governing politicians often deviate from this well acknowledged truth and rule by force after gaining their position.Can we say that they `lead us`? The real leaders, like Gandhi could bring the British Empire to its knees by using power of mind only.

One characteristic of force is arrogance; power is characterised by humility. Power unites. Power serves others, whereas force is self serving  - the weak are attracted to it.  True leaders sacrifice themselves to serve others ; politicians sacrifice others to serve themselves.

Power appeals to our higher nature and is unlimited, force appeals to our lower instincts with all the faces of negative emotions. Power originates from a beautiful mind, force is rooted in the material world.

Watching the present conflict between students and the government, I cannot help but think about this dichotomy. On one hand-  the government , holding by force to its personal truth, on the other hand – students fighting for their most important right  - to receive education.

Shouldn`t the government listen more to their hearts than spend time on rational  thinking only?

How comes countries much poorer than Canada and the province of Québec ( like Cuba or Poland)  offer free education to their students ?

In the Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland education ( universities included) has always been tax –supported  and free of charges for students.

I need to express my full recognition for the efforts of those young open-minded people whose courage implies the willingness to deal with the change and challenges of life. We should all learn from them, how to stand together and united. They are the ones who have the capacity to face fear and grow despite it.

There is just one good side of the government`s rigid  position: it made those young people fight together for a goal that is bigger than their ego, to know the joy that  unification brings  and to get out of the zone of comfort.

No matter how the conflict will end,  students will be the winners!

Because it is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life!

Mariola Czezyk-Livernoche